Hi guys.
Seems like a while since we've last spoken. That's probably because quite a
bit has happened since then, so let's get a move on. We have a lot of news
to talk about today.

First and foremost, we have the new comic update for you. This is Morning
Glory 91, and we're creepy crawling all the way to comic 100. It'll be a
momentous occassion, no doubt. I hope you enjoy it very much, because I sure

Now, on to other matters. You may or may not have noticed that on the
warning page it mentions "Morning Glory on Myspace!" and links somewhere. If
you've followed the link, you'll have seen our Morning Glory myspace page.
You can find the page here:


So if you follow that link you'll get our myspace page. We might put it
somewhere on the main page, but if not, it's already up on the warning page.
This news update will also be here until Wednesday, so you'll have a lot of
time to see it.

We also have some more news. I'm sorry that this doesn't apply directly to
most readers just yet, but it will. Morning Glory is making t-shirts,
limited to 10, which are being distributed around my hometown. They're
selling at 15 dollars, and are not available to my general reading public
just yet. These shirts will unfortunately never be made again, but different
shirts will be available to you guys in the near future. Some kind of
paypall account, or something will probably be worked out eventually so you
people with paypal can easily send us money for shirts. Anyway, we'll get to
that when we get to that. As such, I'll give you guys a peak at the shirts
being distributed around here:

Mind you, the shirt will be less choppy of course. But that will be the
general idea, and that's what the people will be buying. It will be a nice
thing for them to have, but don't worry gang, I haven't forgotten about you.

Shirts will be made available for everyone else relatively soon, and if you
want one, you'll get one. We'll set up a system soon of how you can tell me
or Rus what size, and what kind you want. But we'll get to that when we get
to it.

Okay so other than that, we have no other things to talk about. But I think
that was a lot of nice stuff to mention, and this news update seems really
long as it is.

The site will now be updated as per the normal schedule, so we'll see you
again on Wednesday, June 1st!