Well guys, we're having a little messed up week here.

I know we're a couple of days late with the update, and we're sorry about
that. It was the long weekend, so you know how that is.

Hopefully this makes up for it a bit? You'd figure since I know I have more
readers now, we'd have more initiative to update the motherfucker on time. I
guess that isn't the case this week. Well, what's going on now is that we
will update the website on Saturday, rather than Sunday. But for people who
read in Australia, the site will be updated as the site is normally updated,
as to my understanding their Wednesday would be our Tuesday. So for my
friends in Australia, the site is updated as it is supposed to be.

Oh by the way, this is Morning Glory number 90. We're getting closer, and
closer, and closer! Just keep reading guys. It'll happen relatively soon.

Well, that's all from me for this week. Be sure to check out the FAQ section
to read up a bit about us, and be sure to e-mail me if you have any
questions about Morning Glory, or questions about myself.

So, we'll see you again on Saturday. Thanks for stopping by.