Friday May 20th, 2005

Hi gang.

You know, a cool thing happened to me today, before I get to the comic. I
was reading an MSN message from our webmaster Rus JACK! and he posted links
to me that are of great interest. It seems that a great many of you, as we
had imagined, have been viewing the site. They are rather large numbers of
people coming to the site, and larger numbers linking the site in some way,
shape, or form. It's amazing, it really is, and I love you all for it.

If you'd like to see something neat, go to and search
"rusjack" to see how many pages Morning Glory is featured on using that
keyword. I think it's something near 3 full pages of links regarding
something about Morning Glory. And that's super duper swell.

Okay now onto the comic. I have a comic here for you, Morning Glory 89,
which is nearing our 100th comic. It truly will be a spectacle, and I will
think long and hard about how to do something absolutely, wretchedly,
unforgivingly awful which will pretty much book my one way ticket into the
depths of Hell. And just as well because it's awesome when you guys laugh.

Sorry for the weirdness this week. We have, obviously, had changes in our
URL and Rus Jack has done an amazing job working things out and setting up
another website. We all owe him very, very many thanks. So maybe you could
e-mail him and thank him? That would be nice, I think.

Well gang, I'm pretty sure that will do it for me until at least Wednesday.
But keep a look out, because we'll be adding a FAQ section to the site where
the dusty Old News section once lay, which will answer a lot of questions
you may have had about Morning Glory, as well as me - the writer, and Rus,
the dude who manages the site.

Until then!