Wednesday May 18th, 2005


The sites finnaly back up, and has a new url, tell all your friends!
I dont know where Tad is right now, and quite frankly I dont care.
Do you know why I dont care? Do you? Can you geuss?
It's because I have a new comic for you, even if Tad is MIA.

I dont have alot to say, other than the fact that the
site is back up, a very disturbing comic #88 is here, and
that its only 12:30am and i feel like i am going to passout.

Sign the geustbook and tell me how much you hate that bastard
Tad, because I like to read those messages more than I like to read
you guys e-sucking his dick.

I hope the new comic makes you hate us here at morning glory
more than you already do.