Tuesday June 21st, 12:36AM.

"Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. "What the fuck is wrong with my dick!?"


Some of you might have noticed, but we've really started to suck with
our updates. We gave you 8 comics the other week to hold you over
untill we got back in the flow of things, and here is one more new one.

You also might be wondering where Tad is, well there is a neat story behind
that question. A neat story about pissing blood, and God hating us at Morning
Glory. If you want to hear the story straight from Tad, click here

So the new comic is up, and I promise we will get back on track with out updates
as soon as we can. Wish Tad well in the geustbook, or if you are one of the
idiots who keeps comming back to tell us how much we suck, tell him he is
gay. Or something like that? Im sure you can come up with some creative insults.


PS- If you cant see the link for the geustbook on the navigation at the top
of the page you can access it HERE. Just write a message saying you cant see
the link in the navigation.