Thursday June 9th, 2005

Guys, I'm sorry. We're both sorry.

I'm going to dispense with the small details of my life as to why things
have been not updated for a while, but things are back on track now. But I
have a surprise for you guys. It's a rather large surprise.

There's not only one comic updated today. Oh no, not even close. Let me
explain how this is going to work.

I have the new comic for you, first of all. Morning Glory 93, which is the
newest comic in our series. I hope you enjoy it. You can find it at the
bottom of the page as always.

And now, for the following:

This is the first collection of 3 for the "Let Me See It" collection. Within
this link, you will find 3 comics of the first collection. So far we have
four comics for our update. But there's more!

I am going to give you guys two comics here that I wasn't going to show you
guys, but kept anyway. They were never going to be used, but since we've
fucked you guys over for 9 days, here are two unreleased Morning Glory

Original MG 85

Original MG 88

Now you'd think that'd be enough? Hell no, gang. There's still more. I've
made two comics, one for White Ninja Comics, and one for Dinosaur Comics.
Both loosely involve the characters of both comics, and you'll get to see
them both right now, probably for the first time.

Dinosaur Comics MG

White Ninja MG

Guys, I'm sorry about the lack of updating. But I've just given you all 8
comics that you've probably never seen before, and I hope that's enough to
make you all happy. We're both sorry about the lack of updating that's been
going on, but it won't be happening anymore. We'll see you again on Sunday
if I can muster up the energy to make a new comic, but if not, definitely
again on Wednesday.

I hope you guys enjoyed all this, and we'll see you again soon!