Wednesday, June 1 2005

Hi guys.

We had a big news update last week, and there will be a reasonably sized one
this week as well. It just seems as though we have a lot of things going on
as of late. So let's get to it.

We have the new comic updated at the bottom of the page. It's comic 92, and
we're still creeping up on comic 100. It'll be a fun thing, comic 100. Keep
a look out for that in the future, and I hope you enjoy the latest

Before I get to the chunk of larger news, I'd like to point out yet again
that Morning Glory has spot on myspace, and if you happen to have myspace
it'd be real nice if you added us to it. Maybe leave a comment or something.
Who knows! So the link to the site again is:

Okay, now back on track. I have decided to host a bit of thing here. It'll
end up being some sort of contest, but for now I'm going to need your help.
I hope that some of you will e-mail me and help us out with this.

I am going to print out, and slightly alter 10 of my most favorite comics.
Then, I will write in the text of the comics, and add anything I do so
please to the drawings, and/or text. It will look a little something like
this, although this one is special, and going to someone who has bought one
of our 10 t-shirts!

So, it'll be something like that, except they will be copies of comics that
I enjoy the most, which I will slightly alter in ways that makes them unique
from the original comic. Why am I mentioning this? You have a chance to win them!

So, 10 comics means 10 people can win one. What I'm going to need from you
guys is to e-mail me your suggestions for which comics I should choose. By
either Sunday or next Wednesday I will have come up with an appropriate way
to decide how people will win the comics. If there isn't enough support it
won't happen, so please try and e-mail me! You never know, these could be
worth something someday. Or maybe their worth will be purely sentimental
value. Either way, worth! Morning Glory! Word!

As always you can reach me at So please go ahead and
e-mail me your personal favorite comic, and which ones you believe should be
added in the 10 which will be released. When I get enough e-mails (hopefully
by at least next week) I will announce which comics will be available to
win, and how you can go about winning them.

So, e-mail me, and we'll see how this shit goes. We'll see you again on