Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Check it, check it, check it, check-a, chekkkkekeke.

Oh hello guys. Look at how close we're getting to comic 100. Are you
excited? I have a good idea for comic 100, and I am going to either try to
draw it myself, or get someone to help me. But either way, I think I have a
great idea, and by the time we get to comic 99, I will tell you whether or
not I am going to need help with it.

But anyway, I have comic 98 for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. It's one of
those big 6 frame bitches that I unleash every now and again. And hell, this
time the dad is even getting his mack on and slowly undressing. I don't
really know what kind of thing turns you on, but if you're anything like me
- your penis is just as big, if not bigger than the flesh python our father
is holding in his hands. And ladies, I already know you're wet, you don't
need to tell me otherwise.

So what do I have for you news-wise? You know I don't really have much this
week, really. What's new is that my surgery was a complete success, and I'm
doing just great now. I'm feeling good, and things are back on track. it's
Wednesday, and there's an update. And when Sunday comes around this week,
there will be another update, if you can believe that shit. It's going to

Guys, I'd like it if you went to a few websites. I'm generating my fair
share of traffic, and I thought it'd be nice if the following people maybe
got a bit of attention. So let me just drop a few names here: : My friends Weston and Kevin have a nintendo cover band,
and they're really good. Soon enough they will update the website with my
favorite songs to date, the Final Fantasy 1 prologue, and Zelda main theme.
Check out guys, it's really, really good. : Obviously. But they've linked our comics so many times,
this is the least we can do. There are some funny movies and things. : My friend Tyler, and his friends from Guelph have a
Zombie Punk band. It's actually really good - if you're into THAT sort of

And of course,, if you'd like to add us
to your myspace, if you have it.

Alright gang, we have another comic (or string of comics, hint hint) coming
up this Sunday, so keep a good look out, and you'll get what you're looking
for. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you all soon!