"I was raped as a child. Aren't you hilarious?"
- taken from an e-mail titled "Morning Glory Comics"

Before I go on with the rest of the FAQ, I wanted to address e-mails such as the
above. You must understand that Morning Glory is simply a parody. The father is
the embodiment of all horrific things in the world, and is that way for the purpose of
the parody. The idea of the comic is not to promote these things, but rather to use
them in a light way. I'm playing off of how sick these things are, I am not endorsing

So, before you decide to write me an e-mail like the above, try to remember that I am
not happy about the fact you were raped as a child. I do not think it is funny, and I
do not wish for it to happen to you again. I wouldn't make fun of you for it, and I
don't endorse the idea of anyone else doing it. But, if you really expect me to lay off
a certain topic simply because it happened to you or someone you know, you're
sorely mistaken. These things happen to a lot of people in the world, and that's the
reason they're being used. Don't expect me to bow out of a topic just because you
told me it happened to you. I am not going to apologize for writing about the topics,
but I will apologize for how mentally scarred you are - to the point of messaging a
webcomic creator about your personal problems.

Think before you type. Thanks.

1. Tad, are you a racist, sexist, pedophile, murderer, alcoholic, drug addict, and/or criminal?

No. I don't share one single opinion shared by the father in the comic. He is purely
fictional, and does not represent any single feeling I have. The point is to push the
father, and the actions of the characters to the furthest extreme. I could not possibly
share anything in common with the characters.

2. Will you put me in one of your comics?

No, I won't. That takes too much time.

3. Will you draw something/do something for me/my website.

E-mail me to find out.

4. Can you link my site??

I don't think my website has links. But you could always e-mail me to find out!