November 10/06

Hey hippies!

I have a new comic for you, and it's going to lead to a lot of comics
related to this comic!!!!!!!




October 24th, 2006

Hey everyone, I'm back a little earlier than usual.

I am back early because I busted my ass really hard. I mean REALLY hard. The next
comic took just about all the skill I have as a writer. I can say, without any doubt,
that this is my finest hour. This may be a shade dramatica, but I do believe that in
our current situation I am free to brag about the intensity of my writing.

I hope your mind isn't blown into space.


October 20th, 2006

Hello readers!

I don't have as many readers as I used to, but the public opinion of the comic isn't
bad. Sometimes I check around the internet to see what's being said about this little
comic of mine, and I'm usually pretty happy with what I see. For example:

On this forum a member has been so kind to translate a few of my comics into
Spanish. I got a kick out of that for sure. In fact, I got such a kick out of it I would
love to see more of it. So if any of you want to translate any of my comics into
languages other than English that would be awesome! Be sure to send the translated
comics to me when and if you've finished them!

Alright, so as you can see we've progressed to comic 102. I hope you enjoy it, it's a
little continuation of last week's comic. By the way, I've decided on an appropriate
schedule for new comic updates, and that day is Friday. So, again:


I'll write that somewhere else in case you guys don't read the news updates. I think
these are important to read though, so I encourage you to keep reading them. Also, I
don't mean to bring this on too quickly, but I have a little surprise that is going to
make this comic a little more interactive for its readers. Unfortunately it isn't
anything like an animated Morning Glory, but it is something that will let you get
involved in the comics. It won't be coming for a little while, and I need to work out
the little kinks, but I think it could turn out to be a lot of fun if it works. Keep a look
out for something in the near future.


It was gone for a while, but it's now back in all its former glory. I strongly urge you
to add us to your myspace so we can keep this party rocking until 1999! You can
reach our myspace page at:

Be sure to add us to your myspace!!!

Also, I've updated the FAQ, and Contact sections of the website. Be sure to check
them out if you're interested in knowing a little about the comic, or contacting me.

I hope you enjoyed the new comic, and I'll see you next week. Feel free to e-mail me

if you have any comments or questions.


Old News

Saturday, October 14th 2006.

It's been a long time.

Morning Glory is back. I never thought I'd be saying that. What else needs to be said?
Morning Glory Comics is back in action.
I think I'll be doing a little bit of work concerning the site. First and foremost I'll be re-writing
most of the FAQ section. Then I think I should re-claim It was a much easier
way to find the website than what we're working with now. Though people didn't seem to
have too hard a time when we were using basementfire. Either way, I think it would boost
trafic if I changed the URL back to its rightful name.

Scheduling for the comic updates will be coming in the near future, but for now I have a new
comic for you. I can't tell you when the next new one will be coming, but I can tell you that
you should check the site often enough to check for possible updates. Remember that
updates do include news posts, so please check the site as often as you can.

Equally important is to remind you all to tell your friends about the comic. I love it when there
are a lot of you checking out the site, so it would be greatly appreciated.

As always if you want to reach me you can e-mail me at:

I know, I know. Trust me, I know. If you don't feel too dirty after having typed in that e-mail,
you can write me a message. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

I'll be back soon.


June 3, 2006


I am so sorry, still-loyal readership, I have no new comics for you just yet. I have been playing
with the idea in my head, and have yet to come up with a rock hard decision. We'll get there,
but just not yet.

What I DO have for you is just as good. The Decay are a friend's band, and I want you all to
listen to them. It's a mix of 70's and early 80's high energy punk, fronted by my good friend
Tyler, and includes Erik and the Ben's.

New songs from their upcoming album can be found here:

Older recordings that Tyler despises can be found here:

Normally they have a website,, but it's under construction at the moment.

Please give The Decay your undivided attention, and fill their inboxes with love. Nothing but
love. I will see you again soon, readers.


10 April, 2006

Hey babies!

Welcome back to Morning Glory Comics, loverz and haterz. Seems the site's been getting a
little more attention lately. How cute. I figure I could indulge your sweet tooth with a few more
comics, and maybe come out of my hiatus. I dunno. The new comics will be coming relatively
soon, but until then I'd like to talk to you guys about something:

Do you understand what kind of miracle it is that Morning Glory is even as popular, and as
hated as it is now? Do you understand the scope of this comic having any kind of attention
drawn to it? You must. It's a comic I made when I was 18 years young, in my room alone, on
MS Paint. I ripped off a few other webcomics at the time (conceptually, at least), thinking the
comic would never leave the comfort of my room, and the rooms of the few friends I sent
them to. Now, you must understand that I didn't rip off Red Meat, or any other comic
DIRECTLY. I pulled a few ideas from a website I'd post at often (for joke ideas), and I
enjoyed the non-moving character style I saw from Red Meat, Dinosaur Comics, Jerkcity and
40, but I never really wanted to BE those comics. Well, to be perfectly honest everyone, I
never really wanted anything other than to make my friends and I laugh. I was doing it
because I was bored and had nothing else to do at the time. Certainly not go outside, no no!
I was not to commit that immortal sin! The point that must be drawn from this is that while I
understand people's anger at me having ripped off Red Meat, I didn't mean to. I can
understand why people would say so, and I don't disagree; I'd just like to get it out in the
open that I've never really read Red Meat. Not in large quantity, anyway, and no single Red
Meat comic ever stuck out to me as being so genius that I needed to start my own comic in
its mirror image. The simple truth was that I was a bored 18 year old who never thought the
comics would see the light of day. But low and behold, here we are. Millions upon millions of
views later, and I have been proven wrong. You need to understand that never in my wildest
dreams did I see this happening. I've never advertised Morning Glory in any way, shape, or
form. Someone leaked it to someone else, who then showed someone else, and so on.
Eventually the "right" comics found the "right" people, and wham suddenly 10,000 hits are
coming my way on some weird website I had made by someone else for free. Did I ever
dream that THIS kind of thing would happen? No, never. That's why the comics had taken
such a radical twist when you reach comic 69 or so. I was about 20 when I did those, and
significantly different from when I made the other comics.

You must understand that to this very day I am completely awe struck that this has happened.
I still can't believe it, and I don't think I ever really WILL. The amount of support I've received
is jaw dropping, and even seeing how many people hate it is equally entertaining. You have
to understand that I never thought this would happen, and I never even intended it to happen
this way. It was just a nice surprise, if you'd like to put it that way! So please, while you may
hate the comic for whatever reason, please understand that in my youth I might have
borrowed a few concepts, but never intentionally ripped something off on purpose. Things
are radically different now, anyway.

All that brings me to my next point. I'll be coming up with a new series soon. I won't drop any
bombs yet, but I CAN tell you that it MAY be musically inclined. One never does know here
at Morning Glory Comics! So, thank you for stopping by, and I'll be around soon if you'd like
to find out more about the project!

Oh and hey, in case you missed it? Here are the old news posts that we've archived. I just
wanted full control over the front page, baybuh.

Love always,

March 17, 2006

Hello friends, readers ... family.

I told you all that I would be on an extended hiatus, and it still stands. However, I've noticed
that a lot of you still seem to come to the site. I read the guestbook for the first time in a long
time today, and some people have still been signing it. From all over the world, too! Thank
you to everyone who gave me the nice comments. To everyone who told me I am the most
unfunny person in the world, I love you the most. I'd really like it if maybe you and I could get
together sometime, I don't know maybe grab some freedom fries, bring them back to my
place and watch a movie? Cuddle a little bit, you know? Hold hands and just enjoy the
movie, but most of all each other's company. Maybe we could rent Dante's Peak, or Baby's
Day Out? Both movies are great!!

From the comments that I've seen, and people I've spoken to, people really want a new
comic. I've made one, but this isn't comic 100. Sorry! I "hired" someone to draw comic 100
for me, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. The people who I worked with have never
contacted me again, and I doubt they ever will. I hardly think it matters, but it would have
been nice to end Morning Glory on that note. Since it isn't, who knows if I'll write another
comic. I will, however, give you the rough draft of the final comic idea. Since I can't give you
the comic itself, I hope the text serves its purpose adequately.

The comic I've written today is nothing short of filler, in hopes that it'll appease your appetite
for the time being. I'd like to note that I hate being pestered for a new comic when I told
everyone that I am on an extended hiatus. I don't know when I'll be back. I don't know IF I
will be back. I don't know if and when I will ever write another entry such as this. Just be
happy that I've given you so much, huh?

I don't know how many of you still come here, and I don't know if you guys are still telling your
friends. But for the people that do still come here and for the people who still do tell your
friends - you have my eternal thanks. The people who understand the joke aspect of this
website, the people who understand that this is all satire - an extreme - the Aristocrats of
webcomics, thank you very much. It's sad to see people taking these things as if they were
true. For the record, and please understand this to the best of your abilities, I am not a racist,
or pedophile, or rapist, and I don't find any of these things particularly amusing. I do,
however, believe that they can be used in a way that portrays the furthest extreme of the
spectrum. That's the idea behind Morning Glory. The idea that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the
furthest end of the spectrum can be funny. Some of you agree, some of you don't. It's fine
either way, and I'll agree with most of you that the comic is repetitive and usually unfunny.
About 60 of them were written when I was 18 years old. I am a 21 year old (young) man now,
and things have changed significantly.

Anyway! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone who still comes here,
reads the comic and shows their friends. You guys have all got a special little place inside
my heart forever!

Without further ado, I present the script to Morning Glory comic 100.

"Script - comic 100

Church scene. Beautiful, large, dark gothic styled church. Close up on gargoyle and angel
statues. Deep shading. Sun shining down from behind the church. Close up on the cross
atop the church. Church doors, double doors, open.

Young man standing at the end of the church with a priest. Guests sitting all around. The son
is smiling, and he looks up at the priest. The priest winks at him, and licks his lips. The son
frowns a bit, and looks away. The doors open, and the daughter walks down the aisle in a
flowing white dress. Son/daughter split screen smiling at one another.

She stands beside the son and holds his hand, the priest begins. All the way up to the part
where the priest says. "If anyone has any doubts or reservations about this union, speak now
or forever hold their peace"

Church doors burst open. It's the father, who screams "I OBJECT!"
A dinosaur is among the guests. His eyes go wide, his mouth drops, and his head explodes.
The son and daughter both scream in unison "NOOOOOOO!"

Close up on father. He smiles.


Well guys! I hope you enjoyed the script for comic 100! I also hope you enjoyed this filler
comic I gave to you today!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you still enjoy this modest comic of mine! Until we
meet again.


Sunday, January 29th 2006

The Fan Comics section is now up, all come along and check it out.
There are some pretty sweet comics there, its a bit of a laugh, remember if
want to send in your own, send them into, I promise to
get any up as soon as I get them.

Thanks, Niff

Thursday, November 17th 2005

We will soon be adding a new section to the Morning Glory website, this is going
to be the Morning Glory Fan Section, here I will put all the tribute morning
glory comics, so all you need to do is send your submission to my email and I will put the best ones up on the page when it
is started.

Thanks, Niff

Friday, October 21st 2005

Morning Glory has moved servers, we have left the pathetic servers behind and are now
receiving free hosting from Nick (Admin of Fat-Pie) Sofeel free to take a venture over
there and check it out. But now we are on a reliableserver the forum is fully functional.
And we won't go down every 5 minutes.

Thanks, Niff

Tuesday, September 1st 2005

Tad has left Morning Glory, an extended hiatus. So there will be no more comics for
quite a while now. The comics will remain up though, so you can all still read them.
The forum will still be running with full staff, so check it out.
Thanks, and please do not try and contact Tad about the comics,

Niff (site host)