September 13/2020
10 years since the last update. The move to excision-gaming ended badly... so I moved it back to, until now...
I've managed to get hold of the old domain, and have moved the site over there this week.
I'm planning to do a little maintenance on the site. No changes to how it looks, just to make it easier to maintain for me.
And there might be a little surprise coming for people who like this kind of comics.


February 24/2010
Comics are finally fixed.
Also there's a newsite available for your Morning Glory entertainment:
Morning Glory V II!
Check it out, Morning Glory V II was made by two awesome guys who like Morning Glory so much, they'd probably rape it too.
Anyways, just check it out. Their work is almost as awesome as Tad's


June 05/2009
A few comics don't work, but I forgot which ones they were.
I promise to fix them soon. Btw: new fancomics!

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